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Understanding Your Home Inspection Report

When you select Keystone Home & Environmental Services LLC, an experienced inspector will prepare your home report with understandable details on many aspects of your home.


We will check all major components and identify health, safety, and fire risks. Our team will inform you of any major or minor deficiencies and about any large expenditure you can expect.


We'll also include informative home preservation tips. Before leaving, we'll sit with you to ensure you understand the report details; we will also answer any questions you may have. Contact us now for your complete inspection!

  • Inspection and report on over 400 items

  • Detailed, understandable report

  • Complete picture of the home's current condition

  • Identify major expenditures

  • Identify potential health, safety, and fire hazards

  • Explain how various systems function

  • Review and explain any conditions found

Immense benefits

Our team will ensure every surface of your home is properly inspected before we leave. Typically, this will include your home's external conditions and surfaces, your garage walls, driveway, roof, foundations, slabs, and floors.


We'll ensure your walls and ceiling are sturdy. We will check your heating and cooling systems and monitor your appliances.


During indoor inspection, we'll check your plumbing and electrical systems as well as your attic, insulation, and ventilation.

What to expect from your inspection

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