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Verifying Your Home's Functionality

Keystone Home & Environmental Services LLC will ensure your new home is up to code with a complete home inspection service. A home inspection is a visual process where all items that are typically used in your home are tested to verify their installation and proper operation. We will provide a finalized report to you or your designated representative via email (PDF) and / or hard copy.

  • Electrical switches and outlets

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Roofing materials

  • Air-conditioning

  • Heating systems

Tested items include

It's integral that your new home's plumbing is fully functioning. Our inspector will come out to fill your sinks and tubs, run your shower, and flush your toilets.


During this process, he'll make notes of the condition of each portion of your plumbing.

Checking your plumbing

Your report will be emailed or delivered the same evening.


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